Painting is a home renovation


Painting is a home renovation

Just hearing the word renovation may bring to mind rubble, debris and other similar tasks, but this image is not necessarily the most representative. Believe it or not, painting is essentially a basic and very effective form of home renovation. The right house paints can renew them simply and quickly and generally change the atmosphere inside their premises. There are even tricks and techniques that can make a home look bigger and much brighter than it really is.

Unlike most other renovations, painting is very simple and does not require materials or special tools. But the main thing is that painting is something that almost any of us can do without the help of a specialist or a specialized workshop. All you need for a good paint is the right colors and paints, roller brushes and other similar tools and of course a lot of patience, good mood and taste.

So let’s look at some simple tips from the experts that will help you achieve an almost professional painting in your home yourself.

Wash your shutters well

It may seem obvious to you, but many do not pay enough attention to their rollers before they start painting. Even if your roller is brand new and no matter how clean it looks, before you start painting it is good to wash it with warm water and a little cream soap or soap if you do not have one. Then drain it with your hand. This wash is not so much to clean the roll as to bring a uniformity to its surface and to have a uniform painting.

Sandpaper is your friend

Preparation before painting is the key to success, so if you want to have a uniform and professional final result in your painting, it would be good to properly prepare the surface of your walls. So get some good sandpaper and start scrubbing like Daniel-San! The rubbing should be done with horizontal movements left and right and from the bottom of the wall upwards. It goes without saying that you need to rub any irregularities on the surface much more intensely, so that it becomes as smooth as possible in the end.

Seal the tape with your spatula

Even the most beginners in painting know that it is good to pass adhesive tape or special paper tape on the skirting boards and generally on the surfaces that we do not want to get dirty at all from the paint during painting. The tape will do a good job, but it can still paint a little bit through the gaps between it and your wall. So it would be good to seal the tape and make it “one with the wall” and you can achieve this very simply by passing your spatula over the tape and pressing lightly after you have placed it.

Paint one wall at a time

There are many who follow the so-called logic of puzzles in painting houses: they first paint the corners of the walls with the brush and then the interior of the walls with their roller. This may seem logical and theoretically save us time and effort, but it is very likely to create uneven results in painting. So the right way to paint your house, is to paint each wall separately so that there is uniformity throughout its surface and in general the overall result is beautiful.

Dip your brush well

And we close with a very basic but also very useful tip: to dip your brush all in the bucket with the paint, that is, the metal that holds the bristles. After your brush has collected the paint, tap all its sides on the edge of the bucket to remove the excess paint.

3 simple renovation tips that you should definitely know

Home renovation is definitely an art. With the renovation we take an empty space in essence and make it our own. What sets our house or apartment apart from everything else in the building or the surrounding area are the decorative touches we have given it. These touches are what bring out both our personality and our taste to the outside and show visitors almost immediately elements of our character and our aesthetics.

That is why I firmly believe that the renovating decoration of a house should always be done by the one who will stay in it and not by a professional decorator who, no matter how good he is, can in no way “completely identify” with the respective client. of.

Decorating is definitely not a simple job, especially if we want our house to have more modern and original touches. So let’s look at some simple decorating tips that can “take off” almost any space easily and simply.

Use wallpapers!

Wallpaper is the oldest method of decorating walls and in fact was the most popular until the early 80’s, where it was replaced by painting. But things have changed dramatically and the wallpapers are making a very big comeback.

Wallpaper is easy to place and remove and is the most suitable solution to give “life” a wall. In stores that specialize in wallpaper, you will find a huge variety of designs and colors to choose the perfect one for you.

In addition, thanks to new printing technologies, you can choose a photo wallpaper that depicts a beautiful urban or natural landscape. So if you consider wallpapers obsolete, it ‘s time to reconsider your point of view and put them in your home and life.

Make your walls unique with wall stickers

Wall stickers are essentially a lighter version of wallpaper. They are smaller in size and can be easily, quickly and without tools installed on any wall. Wall stickers usually depict different shapes such as the outline of the skyline of various famous cities and have a wide variety of colors to suit any room and style of decoration.

There are also stickers depicting characters from movies and animated series and not only, which are the ideal solution for decorating children’s rooms and play rooms as they not only give a more playful note to the room, but also protect the walls from damage that children can cause, especially when they start painting or playing with paints and crayons.

Their easy removal, you just pull them from the wall, makes them ideal for those who live in a rented house and do not want “permanent” decoration solutions.

Pay attention to the carpets

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to heating our home in the winter. However, a good carpet can be more or less a work of art and become the element that will essentially become the focus of the room.

So we often neglect the decoration of the floor, but a carpet that matches the colors and the general style of the room, without necessarily being made of special crafts in Kandahar, can easily become the element that will tie the whole style and renovate the decor of it. So do not take the issue of the carpet lightly and base it on the design and not on the price.

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