Do you need new floors?


Do you need new floors?

Do not underestimate your floor and carpentry work. Do you need new floors? It can become the trademark for a business site or house. You may be tired of the clichéd solutions for floors and tiles that are repeated not only in every area of ​​your home, but also in every household. And it makes sense! All you need, then, are some ideas for modern floors, in order to create a house with your own unique style!

There are many types of flooring and designs to choose from. These include vinyl or plastic flooring, laminate flooring, marble and tile. Choose the style you want to give to the spaces of your home, ending up with something that is both practical and attractive in design. Always an ally of the imagination, we give you some cool ideas according to the latest fashion trends to choose from!
10 Ideas for Modern Stylish Floors are here to give you some ideas about your new home!

1. Mosaic floor

You may have associated it in your mind with something very classic and boring, but it is not! Now you can choose it in various shades for a more modern look with more discreet pieces, so that they do not hit the eye badly. Otherwise there is the choice of concrete facade with glossy texture for a more minimal decoration. After all, mosaic flooring has almost replaced cement. So give him another chance and he will not disappoint you!

2. Wooden Floor or Parquet

The most classic and timeless choice! You can “play” safely or create even here. For one of the most modern floors, place large wooden slabs or slabs in various lengths and thicknesses, thus creating your personal style. The wood gives a rustic and traditional look that undoubtedly offers relaxation. But you can easily combine it with an industrial atmosphere by adding the right furniture. The minus here is the attention that must be paid to its cleanliness and maintenance.

If you are interested in wood work at your house, you should contact the best company in New Jersey. Gikas Painting is here to help you create the most wonderful patio, flooring and many more in your new house! Just contact them and book your appointment today!

3. Laminate with wood look

It is the most modern alternative method to have a wooden floor or even its face. The laminate is pressed natural wood on which can be given any look you want in any shade or design. A modern idea is to choose a ‘V’ shaped wood design, which is also a timeless solution. One could say that it is the renewed version of the wood, since it has several more advantages. It has a long life, as long as it is not placed in humid places, such as the bathroom. It is also placed over various surfaces. For example, you can lay laminate on a tile.

4. Tiles with Marble or Stone face

For modern floors that harmonize the natural element with luxury, choose tiles with a marble or stone look. The options are many. Among these, the look of classic marble, travertine or slate is the most common. You can choose different shades and designs, such as whether or not your marble has water. Still choose between matte or glossy texture. They can be placed in all areas of the house, as long as you combine them properly with the rest of the decoration.

5. Ceramic Tiles in hexagon, rhombus or zigzag

Do you want to give a fun mood in the kitchen, living room or bathroom? Then choose a more playful floor made of ceramic tiles and even different colours. But the secret here is how to place them. Do not stay in the ordinary. Make geometric shapes and catch the eye!

6. Cork floor

Yes, you read that right, cork! It is the most modern choice for modern floors. Used as single plates or even in the shape of coins. It can even mimic the appearance of limestone. Due to its natural colour it is able to give a rustic style to the space where it will be placed. Its pluses include that it is environmentally friendly, offers comfort, warmth, noise reduction and has non-slip properties. On the other hand, of course, it is quite sensitive to heavy objects and heels, it is easily damaged and is not suitable for areas with a high level of humidity.

7. Large tile slabs in bright colours

This idea is suitable for the kitchen and bathroom floor. You can use large tiles in red, blue or any other bright colour you want creating a modern look. In this way you give vitality and a positive mood to the space. Prefer a glossy effect, making the style of your space even more shocking.

8. Tile pattern formation

Geometric patterns are a must! They are creative and not boring. What else do you want; The chessboard is the all-time-classic choice. But why not enhance it by using more than 2 colours in close shades? The options for patterns are innumerable, so many that you will not know what to choose. Yet another idea for modern floors is the depiction of a carpet with tiles. Use one or two different patterns that give a rectangular shape, keeping the perimeter tiles indifferent and the ‘carpet’ ready! A very good solution and at the same time economical for your space, is to put vinyl flooring in the form of tiles.

9. Vintage style with tiles

If you still want your floor to radiate a style on its own and you are a fan of vintage then choose the corresponding tiles! Place them in your kitchen, living room or bathroom combined with furniture in softer tones to create the contrast you are looking for. There is a wide range of floral or irregular patterned retro tiles that will take you to another era. Mix and match is an integral part of the mentioned style.

We have given you some ideas for the most modern floors you can have in a house. All you have to do now is use your imagination and you will not lose! Trust the carpentry experts from Gikas Painting and let them transform your house. If you are looking for someone to change your floor, then post your work on our platform and get offers from experienced professionals. They will help you in the renovation quickly & economically!

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