How to Get Around in Santorini


How to Get Around in Santorini

The most effective means to get around in Santorini is on foot or by Santorini Car Hire and not a cab. You’ll see that it’s simple to walk the little seaside communities, but a rented car is better to go from one village to another.

Walking in Santorini

Santorini’s villages are small with slim, winding roadways, making walking an easy method to navigate. Simply make sure to keep an eye out for mopeds– these little motorized bikes are enabled on both the street and also the side-walk.

Cabs in Santorini

Cabs are available on both Thira and Thirassia. Significant paths, such as those from the ferry ports to Fira, from Oia to Fira, or travel to particular communities from the flight terminals have fixed rates. For these routes, expect to pay anywhere in between 10 euros to 20 euros, depending on your final destination. But if you’re using a taxi to navigate community or to among the less-visited areas, see to it to agree upon a rate before entering the cab.

Cabs are too expensive in Santorini and it is better for you to rent a car instead of paying for a cab. Better hire a Santorini Car for a whole day than pay the same amount just for one route with a cab.

Santorini Car Hire

A rented car in Santorini may be convenient if you’re not staying in a largely packed village. Some you may choose a Santorini car hire vehicle for traversing less-travelled courses. Rental companies lie at the flight terminal along with in Fira.

You can find a car to rent at Santorini port and airport and every large village of Santorini. You can always book a car in advance and arrange to be brought wherever you want. Santorini cars are the most economic and reliable company in Santorini. Getting around in Santorini is easy when you know what is the best option!

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