Bing Vs Google: Why You Rank Well on One

Reasons for Difference in Bing and Google Ranking

Bing and Google are some of the most widely used search engines in the world. It is not uncommon to rank highly in Google and poorly in Bing, and vice versa. It is important to know the reasons why ranking in the two search engines vary because page ranking increases your websites visibility and consequently affects your sales.

The Length of the Tex

If your web pages have a larger amount of text, they will rank highly in Bing. You should try to have content that is 350 words or longer if you want to rank highly in Bing. Google does not place much importance on this. To rank highly in both search engines, make sure you have as much text as possible in all your web pages ‚ there is no penalty from either search engines for having a large amount of text, but if the content is too large, readers may get bored.

l think bing SEO is easier with not so much competition as in Google SEO.


Bing places a lot of importance on title tags way more than Google. Having the keyword in the title will therefore help you perform better in Bing than in Google.

Age of the Domain

The older the domain, the higher you will rank with Google and Bing. You should consider buying a domain if you are starting out.

The Language

If the website is optimized with relevant keywords, you will rank highly with Bing. Natural language did not use to be very important for Google, but it is catching up. You should therefore strive to optimize the website with LSI keywords to do well with Bing and to do better with Google. Having LSI keywords means you do not repeat keywords exactly as they are just to fool the search engine.

Outbound Links and Back Links

Bing places a lot of importance on links way more than Google. This means to you will rank highly with Bing if you have a have many outbound links and back links.