SEX: Do not think too much, just do it…

SEX: Do not think too much, just do it…

SEX: Do not think too much, just do it…

We do not catch up. I’m not in the mood. He is not in the mood. I do not like. I do not care. So what; I’m a mother now. We are tired. I have forgotten. I got bored. I’m not thankful. With IVF, love was lost. After so many years;

You know. Athens Escorts could write endlessly about what they hear every time someone ask a woman or a couple about their love life. And I’m not talking about couples whose relationship (emotional I mean) is now a ruin. No, not at all. I am referring to couples who are loved, who respect each other, who desire each other, who are together in both the easy and the difficult, who have endured over time or are trying to endure despite the difficulties of everyday life.

Sex or love

Sex or love (there is a difference of opinion with my girlfriends), you choose and take, is a very important health factor for the life of both women and men. Not that I think I have to find reasons to persuade you to do it but here are some first reasons that come to mind (proven):

1. It is a natural antidepressant (release of endorphins)
2. It is 10 times stronger sedative
3. It eliminates headaches
4. It acts as an antihistamine
5. It stimulates and stimulates even the last muscle of the body
6. It releases a maximum amount of estrogen that makes women healthier and more beautiful
7. The more you do it the more ουν they want you so it increases self-confidence.
8. Kissing promotes oral health
9. Those who often have quality sex (ok love…) reduce the chances of getting some kind of dermatitis.

And more. In every cell, tissue, organ of our body, sex has something to offer. Many, many.

But like most things in life, sex has its problems. With more important and more common his… ABSENCE. If it were possible to honestly answer the question “how often do you make love to your partner” in couples who have been together for more than 2-3 years, the answer would unfortunately not be very pleasant.

So if you do not have sex often to infrequently, if you do not want it as before, if it is a foreign word to you, I can assure you that you are not alone or to say it more honestly, alone. Sometimes, it seems to Golgotha ​​to solve his riddle of why and how. And what to do. And what do you do in the end?

Do you come to terms with the situation? OF COURSE NOT. Not in a healthy relationship. And a healthy relationship I do not mean the one that everything is rosy and you are the princess of the fairy tale and your companion the prince on the maroon horse (I never liked the white)… It is she (my personal opinion) that everyone does and offers as much can with respect to the relationship and his partner. So what do you do?

Are we starting?

You Create Opportunities

When did this start? When did he start working as late? (and do not let your mind go to evil). When did the first or second baby come? When the insecurity of everyday life stole everything beautiful in our lives? When this project at work started to suck all your energy and the last thing you care about is sex? Each and every one of you has at least one important “point of reference” to say the least. But if you understand how important it is for your health, both physical and mental, to do it, then you should try to Create Opportunities .

I know what you think, I know exactly what you think. How can this not be done. Not if you return late at night and leave early in the morning. Not if you breastfeed every two or three hours, you do not sleep and you are a raccoon from fatigue. Not when children can suddenly show up at your bedside overnight asking “mom what are you doing”.

And yet my friends. It is done. As long as you create opportunities . Determine the time and place where you will do it. If you really want it, both of you will succeed. Go to bed earlier, or wake up half an hour earlier in the morning. Do not forget that “eating comes appetite”. Take advantage of the weekends. Your relationship is more important than the “stuck«.

If you have children, ask a grandmother or aunt to take them for a walk or keep them for a few hours and enjoy some quality time under the sheets with your loved one. Those of you who have recently given birth, the fact that you are no longer manoles does not mean that you have ceased to be women and husbands. My tongue is hairy to say it. A woman’s sexuality should be enhanced by motherhood, not annulled.

Even if it is difficult at first, for all these reasons that you understand and that I have here and there mentioned (postpartum depression, pain during intercourse), this beautiful female inside you must soon be brought to the surface again. . What your husband chose to marry because he liked it so much. A sexually satisfied manoula has much more energy and disposition to cope with the difficult demands of everyday life. And do not tell me that 3 hours are not enough…

You rediscover the way

In the beginning everything was easy. Without thinking. Passion alone was enough. Now it seems like you need to find a way to do it. As if you need instructions for use. This is especially true for couples who have actually been around for a long time since the last time they came in contact. They can hug, kiss, caress here and there, but the intimacy required to strip not only the body but also the heart and mind seems to be hidden somewhere for good.

Like this movie with Vougiouklaki and Alexandrakis, The Bait. At one point he asks her, when she tries to hide her often exposed body with a bathrobe, “what was she ashamed of” and she answers him so innocently in relation to her past “the jasmine” that she holds in her hand. So, or so it seems to be the case with many of you. You seem to be ashamed to undress in front of your partner, for different reasons each and depending on the age, but with the common denominator the lack of intimacy.

But you have to rediscover the way. Even if you need help from a relationship psychologist. Even if you need to read 50, 100, 1000 secrets and tips from the various reputable sites and blogs that exist on the Internet on this subject.

Stop googling “Breastfeeding Secrets” or “Secrets to the Perfect Apple Pie” and start googling “Secrets to Good Sex“. I often use the phrase of Richard Carlson from the book of the same title, which I highly recommend “Do not think about it – Live”. Paraphrasing it, let me say “Do not (too) -think… .Kanto”.I firmly believe that lust is often more powerful than love itself ). And there, I find no excuse. You owe / must find the way.

You determine the motivation

Here things are rather easy. Orgasm. Physical and Mental Euphoria. Goal and motivation together. I do not need to say much here.

Orgasm (meaning female) is not just a chapter, a whole book in itself. While the men’s a simple… newsletter.

Unfortunately or fortunately for us things are much more complex than our beloved companions. There are many reasons why many women do not enjoy and abstain from sex because they do not orgasm. They do it for intimacy, for acceptance, for love, because it’s so… But as long as the goal is not caught, as long as sex does not lead to orgasm, that is, as long as the act no longer seems to have a reason… to exist, sex slowly ceases slowly to be part of the agenda. 

If this is the real reason why you no longer have sex, because you can not reach orgasm, it is time to seek the help of a specialist. And I do not mean that orgasm is always expected. But if in the end this seems to be the usual and not the exception, then do not let time pass anymore. Talk openly with your partner, and seek professional help together. Often the solution is much easier than you think.

For my part, as a breeding specialist, and in summary, I would like to say the following:

There are really many diseases (eg depression, hormonal disorders) and drugs or substances (some antidepressants, antihypertensives, antihistamines, contraceptives, alcohol) that can reduce the desire for love but also pleasure, so a basic health check is necessary.

If there is no medical issue, and it is not just a phase (eg very recent birth, change of home or work, etc.), then the help of a specialist is required so that the condition does not become temporary.

Love is the best aphrodisiac. Served with lust, it can satisfy and satisfy even the most demanding. Connoisseurs. But eating brings appetite. So the next time you feel hungry, even a little, head to the bedroom and not the fridge.

Love life is yours. Exclusively yours. If your friendly couple, who like you have an infertility problem and need treatment, have lost all desire for sex, this does not mean that it will happen to you. If your girlfriend forgot what love means because she thinks breastfeeding is a priority (understand that they do not negate each other), it does not mean that you should feel guilty because you suddenly “enjoy” more sex with your child’s father. Love life is yours.