Is It Time for a Garage Makeover?

Have you ever walked into a friend’s garage and stared in awe and envy of it? Then, have you gone home, looked at yours, and cringed? It happens to a lot of us.

You know those seemingly rare garages that are perfectly organized with ample storage space, fitted cabinet systems, fully insulated, with lots of features that make you want to move in? Well, you can have that too!

It doesn’t have to be an unrealistic dream. Just follow these quick garage makeover tips and soon enough you can stare in envy of your own perfectly organized garage.

Wall Organizers

The biggest point of contention between garage-lovers and their significant others is tools and other equipment being left on the floor willy-nilly (don’t feel too badly, most of us do it). Why not get everything off the ground and allow for more open space to walk around safely? A wall organizer can help you transform your wall into a vertical shelf to store all your tools and accessories easily. With all the latest in pegboards, track systems, and wall panels you can store even the biggest of items with ease. This can remove trip hazards and make your garage a less cluttered place to navigate, both on foot and on wheels.

Overhead Storage

Installing overhead garage storage racks can help you to save on space and help you keep your tools and sports equipment within easy reach. You can also buy smaller storage containers that you can label and organize and then stack up on top of each other to add more convenience and room. A fun thing to do is organize your equipment, tools and other miscellaneous items according to what they do and how often they’re used – you’ll find reaching for and finding things a lot faster this way!

Fitted Cabinets

Why not install a fitted cabinet system? There are all sorts of tools, components, bits and bobs in most garages that are never useful until you need them… urgently! Keep everything stored away safely so it can’t get lost – you never know when you’ll need it, so consider fitted cabinets and shelving as “handyman’s insurance” of sorts. All in all, metal storage cabinets and shelves can be the ideal solution for storing away seasonal items or all the smaller items you need to be organized and out of your way.


New Floors

Interested in new flooring in your garage? Know that there are plenty of options; you don’t always have to use cement, you know! There are all sorts of sophisticated floor materials that you can install in your garage such as vinyl, rubber, and even polyvinyl tile. Your car will look like it’s on display with such nice flooring, perhaps tempting you to spruce even it up and transform the garage space into something to be proud of! You never know unless you give it a shot, and don’t forget to reach out to the experts in floor installation to ensure a smooth and hassle-free transformation.

Automatic Garage Door

If you’re keen on making your garage more comfortable while you putter away during the winter, then an automatic garage door can help keep you nice and warm. Plus, new models come with a smartphone app that allows you to have long distance control to open and close it as you need. The apps can also allow you to secure the door if you forget to, creating an extra layer of security for your garage and home.


Keeping cool and warm when appropriate in your garage can mean either enjoying the space or staying as far away from it as possible. We all know an uncle or parent who hates going into the garage to get the pressure washer or start the car, and usually, it’s due to frigid temperatures in the winter and broiling conditions in the warmer months. Why not avoid the issue entirely by ensuring you have adequate insulation? You can transform your garage into a year-round space that you can work, park, and play in while actually enjoying it. Aside from the automatic door as mentioned earlier, adding some insulation into the garage (especially around windows and doors) can give you full access to your space any time of the year without wanting to run right back out.

Car Lift

If you don’t have the room to put on a second garage, you can always install a car lift instead. A car lift allows you to park two cars in your garage at the same time. This can be a major benefit when you have limited room.

When it’s time to tackle your garage and finally transform it into a functional space that you can feel proud to show off, contact us at To Do-Done. We can help you make organization a synch and create the garage you’ve been dreaming of with expert renovations.

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