How to wear the oversized sweater

As the temperature drops day by day and the cold forces us to dress more and more thick, so the sweaters from will be first in our choices. Besides, it is a fashion item that can be included in both casual and elegant off-duty looks. Yes yes, sweaters may once have been basically a piece that we would wear with jeans, but now it is combined with skirts, heels, office looks and much more.

If you are wondering how to achieve a stylistic jackpot by wearing this warm top, then you need to move down. The girls abroad show us once again the right way, that is, we will dress properly every hour of the day and in every kind of style. Yes, because sweaters are a must at this time and should not be missing from your wardrobe, nor from your looks.

With a pensil skirt

Do not hesitate to wear this top even an elegant skirt. It can even be made of satin fabric, add your favorite heels and create an ultra chic ensemble. On the other hand, of course, you can combine it with a skirt with prints, sock boots or ankle boots. In both cases do not be afraid to use oversized sweaters.

A tight or even loose sweater looks perfect with sneakers and a full skirt. It is urban, but it is also elegant. In this case, even the metal skirt with pleats that you bought at the holidays and wore with your favorite heels fits. Now, the time has come to transform it into a more everyday piece, with just a sweater and a pair of sneakers.

With corduroy pants

Corduroy pants are a super must for this year and -yes- they fit perfectly with your sweater. You combine your favorite sneakers and you are stylish and comfortable. In case you are looking for something more feminine, follow Victoria Beckham and combine it with flare pants and block heel boots.

Your favorite zip panties can be worn in the heart of winter, if you add something warm on top. Wear it with a sweater and for daily appearances choose a pair of block heel boots. Alternatively and for a more elegant result, you can put point toe pumps.

With a mini skirt

You want to wear the sweater, but you also want to feel sexy. Choose one in a loose line, wear it with a mini denim skirt and complete it with slouchy over-the-knee boots. Otherwise you can keep the boots, wear your favorite skinny jeans and a minimal belt.

Ok, this is the last appearance of Victoria Beckham that you will meet in today’s issue. But she herself has such a weakness in sweaters that I could not leave her out. Both appearances prove that the sweater can be easily worn in the office. You can combine it perfectly with a plaid pants, heels and if you need a chic coat.
The most common and timeless combination is the sweater with jeans. Alexa Chung suggests wearing a shirt, throwing the sweater over the shoulders and finishing with strappy ballerinas. If you want something simpler and “easy”, then just wear it with the classic ballerinas.

If you want a more tomboy look, then wear it with a shirt inside, loafers and make a difference with a leather leggings. Otherwise, combine it with black jeans, ankle boots, a stylish beret and a scarf around the neck (Parisian style).

With high heels

You do not need any special advice for this, but I had to suggest it to you because it is super nice. So if you have a sweater, in long length, then wear it with high heel shoes and a chain bag. Last but not least! You probably bought a sequin pants now for the holidays. No then you will not put it in the closet, instead you will wear it with a sweater and heels or sandals and you are ready for the night out.

A knitted sweater is the garment that is in every wardrobe. Whether we wear it because we like its style, or because winter is the only garment that keeps us warm, it is certain that our knitted sweater was and will be the protagonist of our wardrobe in winter. Although your daily, busy schedule does not give you room for imaginative stylistic choices, your sweater is an easy solution that you know will never disappoint you. To change your style this year (without having to get 6 different sweaters), here you will see the unique ways to combine your knitwear and be elegant, comfortable and warm this season!