How to wear the oversized sweater

As the temperature drops day by day and the cold forces us to dress more and more thick, so the sweaters from will be first in our choices. Besides, it is a fashion item that can be included in both casual and elegant off-duty looks. Yes yes, sweaters may once have been basically a piece that we would wear with jeans, but now it is combined with skirts, heels, office looks and much more.

If you are wondering how to achieve a stylistic jackpot by wearing this warm top, then you need to move down. The girls abroad show us once again the right way, that is, we will dress properly every hour of the day and in every kind of style. Yes, because sweaters are a must at this time and should not be missing from your wardrobe, nor from your looks.

With a pensil skirt

Do not hesitate to wear this top even an elegant skirt. It can even be made of satin fabric, add your favorite heels and create an ultra chic ensemble. On the other hand, of course, you can combine it with a skirt with prints, sock boots or ankle boots. In both cases do not be afraid to use oversized sweaters.

A tight or even loose sweater looks perfect with sneakers and a full skirt. It is urban, but it is also elegant. In this case, even the metal skirt with pleats that you bought at the holidays and wore with your favorite heels fits. Now, the time has come to transform it into a more everyday piece, with just a sweater and a pair of sneakers.

With corduroy pants

Corduroy pants are a super must for this year and -yes- they fit perfectly with your sweater. You combine your favorite sneakers and you are stylish and comfortable. In case you are looking for something more feminine, follow Victoria Beckham and combine it with flare pants and block heel boots.

Your favorite zip panties can be worn in the heart of winter, if you add something warm on top. Wear it with a sweater and for daily appearances choose a pair of block heel boots. Alternatively and for a more elegant result, you can put point toe pumps.

With a mini skirt

You want to wear the sweater, but you also want to feel sexy. Choose one in a loose line, wear it with a mini denim skirt and complete it with slouchy over-the-knee boots. Otherwise you can keep the boots, wear your favorite skinny jeans and a minimal belt.

Ok, this is the last appearance of Victoria Beckham that you will meet in today’s issue. But she herself has such a weakness in sweaters that I could not leave her out. Both appearances prove that the sweater can be easily worn in the office. You can combine it perfectly with a plaid pants, heels and if you need a chic coat.
The most common and timeless combination is the sweater with jeans. Alexa Chung suggests wearing a shirt, throwing the sweater over the shoulders and finishing with strappy ballerinas. If you want something simpler and “easy”, then just wear it with the classic ballerinas.

If you want a more tomboy look, then wear it with a shirt inside, loafers and make a difference with a leather leggings. Otherwise, combine it with black jeans, ankle boots, a stylish beret and a scarf around the neck (Parisian style).

With high heels

You do not need any special advice for this, but I had to suggest it to you because it is super nice. So if you have a sweater, in long length, then wear it with high heel shoes and a chain bag. Last but not least! You probably bought a sequin pants now for the holidays. No then you will not put it in the closet, instead you will wear it with a sweater and heels or sandals and you are ready for the night out.

A knitted sweater is the garment that is in every wardrobe. Whether we wear it because we like its style, or because winter is the only garment that keeps us warm, it is certain that our knitted sweater was and will be the protagonist of our wardrobe in winter. Although your daily, busy schedule does not give you room for imaginative stylistic choices, your sweater is an easy solution that you know will never disappoint you. To change your style this year (without having to get 6 different sweaters), here you will see the unique ways to combine your knitwear and be elegant, comfortable and warm this season!

Why does Keyword research really matter?


What is keyword research?

Keyword research is the core SEO task of identifying, evaluating and using the phrases used by people to search for online information. In other words, it’s about getting to know your potential visitors’ language, and using it to optimize your content.

Researching keywords offers marketers a better understanding of how strong the demand for certain keywords is and how challenging it would be in the organic search results to compete for those phrases, providing some guidance for optimization efforts.

Keyword research is not just about testing how many searches a single keyword has. It’s also about discovering the many different ways people use language to search for an idea or topic. As such, studying common keywords is not only a large part of improving the search engine, it is also a major element of content marketing as a whole.

Why would you care about it?

Because it can help you find inspiration for your next blog post, learn more about your audience’s needs, and stay up-to-date with the ever-changing search lingo.

Basically, you can bring the right traffic to your site by studying the words people type in search engines and using this research to build targeted content  traffic that is more likely to be converted. Because with your content, it is one of the most critical SEO tasks and a perfect way to reach out to more people.

If your competitor also ranks for certain keywords on your list, focusing on enhancing your ranking for those would definitely make sense. But don’t ignore the ones who don’t seem to know about your competitors. It could provide you with a great opportunity to own market share on important terms as well.

How to do keyword research?

All keyword research begins with a topic, idea, or keyword head, also known as “seed.” This seed may come from your industry knowledge, from being an active member in related online forums and groups, or from the products and services you provide.

Make a list of interesting, relevant topics based on your business knowledge. Think of the topics you want to rank for in terms of generic buckets to kick off this process. You’ll come up with about 5-10 topic buckets that you think are important to your company, and then you’ll use those topic buckets to help you later come up with some relevant keywords.

Make sure you have a spreadsheet or notepad where you can explain these phrases as you navigate through the websites and social networks maze to find variations on these keywords.

If you’re struggling to think of more keywords, people may be looking for a specific topic, go to and look at the search terms that appear when you’re plugging in a keyword. You will note some recommendations for searches similar to your original feedback when you type in your term and scroll to the bottom of the results of Google. Such keywords can give rise to ideas for other keywords that you might want to consider.

When to do keyword research?

Keyword research is usually the first step in improving every website’s search engine. Most often, it is necessary when you are: seeking a new niche in search of new content ideas to optimize your existing content.

Any website owner, blogger, or SEO specialist should do keyword research if he is planning to get good SERP position.

What tools do I need?

Keyword research can be done either manually, or using keyword research tools. Because of the practicality it offers, I prefer using tools rather than doing this process manually.

You can simply benefit from Google auto complete feature if you want to manually find long tail keywords that can be profitable for your business.  Alternatively, there is a great tool called Ubersuggest from Neil Patel. Using it will give you quite detailed information for a free keyword research tool. Paid keyword tools give much better results than free tools since they have premium features that really shorten the research process.

However if you cannot afford a paid tool, it doesn’t mean you are out of SEO game. Just use free tools, and as soon as you can be profitable you can consider investing in a high quality keyword tool.

Apple iPhone Basics and Features


The Apple iPhone 11 and also its predecessors are more than just fancy mobile phone. With their variety of features, the iPhone is a lot more like a computer that fits in your pocket than any mobile phone. So, you should always take care of it with a (θήκες iPhone) phone case!

iPhone Specifications

Literally, the Apple iPhone 11 varies a suitable amount from the iPhone 3GS as well as previous models, every one of which were generally similar in shape.

While the general presentation of the apple iPhone 4 and also 4s are similar to their precursors, they’re different. There’s no longer tapered on the edges, includes a glass face on the front and also back, wraps the antenna around the phone and are slightly thinner.

All Apples iPhone provide a 3.5-inch touchscreen that employs multi-touch technology. Multi-touch enables individuals to manage items on the display with more than one finger at the same time. It’s multi-touch that makes it possible for a few of the iPhone’s most popular features, such as touching the screen twice to zoom in or “pinching” and dragging your fingers to zoom out.

Other major distinctions between the iPhone 11 as well as earlier models include using the Apple A4 processor, the incorporation of 2 cameras, a high-resolution screen, as well as enhanced battery life. Both phones utilize a trio of sensing units to produce several of their ideal usability features, though neither model uses expandable or upgradeable memory.

Apple iPhone Features

Because the apple iPhone is like a mini-computer, it uses the exact same wide range of features and functions that a computer system does. The significant areas of feature for the apple iPhone are:

1. Phone

The iPhone’s phone functions are strong. It includes innovative features like Visual Voicemail and typical functions like message messaging and also voice dialling.

2. Web surfing

The apple iPhone supplies the most effective, most total mobile browsing experience. Though it doesn’t sustain the standard Flash browser plug in, it does not need dumbed-down “mobile” variations of sites, rather offering the real point on a phone.

3. Email

Like all excellent mobile phones, the iPhone has robust e-mail features and also can sync to business e-mail servers running Exchange.

4. Calendar/PDA

The Apple iPhone is a personal information manager, with calendar, personal digital assistant, stock-tracking, weather upgrade, as well as relevant attributes.

5. iPod

A faster way description of an apple iPhone is a combined cellular phone and a iPod. So certainly its music player attributes use all the advantages and also coolness of iPods.

6. Video playback

With its big, stunning, 3.5-inch display, the apple iPhone is a terrific option for mobile video clip playback. Whether utilizing the built-in YouTube application, including your own video, or acquiring or renting material from the iTunes Store.

7. Applications

With the enhancement of the Application Store, iPhones can now run all sort of third-party programs From video games (both free and also paid) to Facebook and Twitter to restaurant finders and also productivity apps. The App Store makes the apple iPhone one of the most helpful smartphone around.

8. Video cameras

One major adjustment in the apple iPhone is the addition of two electronic cameras, whereas previous designs only had one. The camera on the back of the phone shoots 5 megapixel still images and takes 720p HD video. The user-facing video camera permits Face Time video clip chats.

iPhone House Display

With the release of iPhone firmware version 1.1.3, users can rearrange the symbols on their home screen. This is particularly practical once you start including programs from the Application Store. You can group similar applications or the ones you use the most frequently, with each other. Obviously, having the ability to rearrange icons additionally leads to some unexpected occasions, like all the symbols on your screen shaking.

iPhone Controls

Though the iPhone’s coolest control functions are based around the multi-touch display, it likewise has a number of switches on its face that are utilized for control.

1. Home switch

This switch, at the bottom of the phone right below the display, is made use of to wake the phone from rest and manage some on screen attributes.

2. Hold button

On top right corner of the iPhone, you’ll discover the hold button. Pressing this button secures the screen and/or places the phone to rest. It’s additionally the switch made use of to reboot the phone.

3. Volume switch

On the left side of the phone, a lengthy button that moves up and also down regulates the volume of music, video clip, and also the phone’s ringer.

4. Ringer switch

Just over the volume control is a smaller sized rectangular button. This is the ringer switch, which allows you to put the phone right into silent setting so the ringer will not appear when calls can be found in.

5. Dock Adapter

This port is where you plug in the cable to sync the phone with a computer system, in addition to devices.

Using iPhone with iTunes

Like an iPod, the apple iPhone is synced with as well as took care of making use of iTunes.

1. Activation

When you first get an apple iPhone, you activate it via iTunes as well as select your monthly phone strategy using the software.

2. Sync

Once the phone is triggered, iTunes is made use of to sync music, videos, schedules and also other info to the phone.

3. Restore and Reset

Last but not least, iTunes is likewise utilized to reset information on the apple iPhone and also restore contents from back-up if troubles trigger you to need to remove the components of the phone.

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Discovering Your Dream Wedding Dress


Discovering Your Dream Wedding Dress

To be able to find the wedding dress that is ideal for you, it is always best to prepare whatever you will need. Below are just a few of the things that you ought to consider before looking for a bridal gown and some suggestions from Fashion Kalogirou that can assist you get by.


Discover time to carry out a basic research about bridal gown. Because this research study will somehow serve as your guide in selecting that dream wedding dress, this extremely important. Research study can be done online or by checking out bridal magazines to get updated with the latest styles and patterns for the season. Make sure that you check out websites that consist of basic and substantial details about wedding dresses when you are performing your research study online.

This is important since rather of costs a lot time in opening one website to another, you can conserve more time if the website has everything that you require to know. When investigating, make certain that you remember about wedding dress designs offered, how to pick a wedding dress for a specific body type, stores that sell quality gowns, price ranges for each bridal gown design or design, and the accessories, jewelry, or shoes that would complement each bridal gown type along with the hairdos and make up ideal for the wedding dress you want.

Rent wedding event gowns

It would likewise be practical to consist of a little research study about for rent wedding event gowns in case you could not find your dream wedding gown on sale. Make sure that you print everything after so you can use it as a guide when you go out for wedding gown shopping.

Body type

Once you understand your own body type, you will understand which are the best wedding event dress shapes and designs that would complement your body. Whether you are tall, short, petite, chubby, pear-shaped, have long neck, complete hips, full waist and the like, there is always a perfect wedding event gown shape for you.

Bridal gown shapes

Familiarize yourself with the offered bridal gown shapes. Knowledge on the readily available gown shapes, designs, and creates out there will definitely make it easier for you to discover that dream bridal gown. Available wedding dress shapes consist of two-piece ball gowns that have full skirts and bodice, A-line Princess gowns, Empire cut dresses, Mermaid gowns, Straight line bridal gown, strapless, halter, or tube wedding dresses and variations of each shape are likewise possible when custom-made made.

Spending plan

Before setting your foot out in any bridal store for wedding event dress shopping, make sure that you have a specific spending plan that you can invest. Remember, the wedding event gown is just a part of the big occasion, there are still so lots of things that you require to pay and purchase for the big day so don’t spend lavishly when shopping for your wedding event dress.

Don’t be overwhelmed with sales talk. When shopping for a wedding dress, constantly ensure that you do not listen to whatever the salesman or female says due to the fact that they do not always do you good. It is safe to listen to some of their tips but ensure that you have your own specifications in mind that can not be swayed utilizing mere words. When you are performing your research online, make sure that you check out websites that include extensive and general information about wedding event dresses.

Remember, the wedding gown is simply a part of the huge occasion, there are still so numerous things that you need to pay and buy for the big day so do not spend lavishly when shopping for your wedding event dress.

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Materials Used In Bags


Materials Used In Bags

Much time is spent on the making of one 4Bag bags (γυναικείες τσάντες), keeping their quality level at the highest optimum. Different 4Bag bags consist of different materials making them very eclectic. 4Bag strives to be mindful of the planet using ethical and eco-friendly materials to create a luxury handbag that is chic and sets its own trend for the fashion and brand conscious consumer.



4Bag strives to be eco-friendly and ethical when choosing its leathers. We only order leather from suppliers who respect animals and the environment, and whose hides are a true bi-product of the meat industry.  We only buy high quality leathers that are produced in the most responsible manner possible.

When making our bags, we strive to use every bit of our hides including random pieces with “imperfections.” Our leathers are of top quality, therefore so is every piece of it. Imperfections are a part of the hide and a part of its story. Zero waste cutting techniques are used, and any excess pieces are incorporated back into the handbags in other ways.



Buttons are my most favorite accent to an 4Bag bags. A significant amount of time is spent searching out vintage or rare, handmade buttons that will be the perfect accent to the next 4Bag bags. I love that a single vintage button from generations ago can set apart one bag all on its own. Although one bag may look like another, the vintage findings give each its own variation making it completely unique and something no one else has.



It didn’t take long to decide that Batik Fabric was going to be used as the inside lining for 4Bag bags. It was love at first sight as I looked through dozens of beautiful, eye catching patterns. I was sold at the fact that Batik making is a hand-crafted, intense process that can take weeks to months for some fabrics that are of the finest quality.

Most Batik manufacturers are family owned businesses being that Batik making is an art form and a tradition typically passed through generations and recognized as part of Indonesia’s heritage. Just like any other form of art, Batik tells a lot about its maker and where it is from.

Batik fabric provides 4Bag bags (γυναικείες τσάντες) with a beautiful, vibrant lining that makes each style unique. Due to it being a handcrafted item, there are often limitations to the availability of patterns. Often only so many bags can be made with a particular pattern, which simply adds to uniqueness and one of a kind stature of an 4Bag bag.



We can thank Mother Nature for making this amazing, versatile, natural and renewable material! Although rare, and not the easiest to come by being that it can only be harvested every so often, Cork Leather adds a unique and elegant touch to any piece of bag it is paired with. This sustainable and eco-friendly material comes from Cork Oak Trees which grow in Europe and northern Africa.

Cork Oaks are unique in their ability to regenerate their outer bark. During harvest, the trees stay standing and alive while large sections of their outer bark are removed. Once the tree matures to 25 years it can be stripped of its bark every 9-12 years without any damage to the tree! A single tree can live up to 200 years and be harvested over 16 times. Natura is so Amazing!


Beautifully soft Sensuede feels very much like a microfibre suede except it is manufactured entirely from recycled water bottles and polyester materials. It’s created with advanced technology that is highly eco-efficient using an advanced recycling process which uses 84% less energy than that required to make virgin polyester. This remarkable fabric is green from start to finish! I love that I can add a luxurious feel to my handbags while helping the environment.



4Bag logo plates and hang tags are wooden pieces hand-crafted locally in Greece! A coat of stain is hand painted onto the wood to make it just the right colour. Each piece is then individually cut out and engraved with the 4Bag bag (γυναικείες τσάντες) logo, followed with a glaze coating to give it the durability needed to sustain everyday wear and tear.


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