11 Roof insulation advantages

Gikas Roofing- roof repair

Gikas Roofing- roof repair


11 Roof insulation advantages

With the insulation of the roof , Gikas Roofing succeed in giving a definitive solution to the often occurring problems of thermal insulation, inflow of water – moisture, cracked & broken tiles in your roof.

Advantages of Roof Insulation:

  1. Final solution to rainwater inflow: Absolute sealing of the roofs is ensured.
  2. Energy saving: Reduce bills for heating and cooling your home and therefore quickly pay off your investment.
  3. Reduction of outside roof temperature up to 50%.
  4. Reduction of internal building temperature up to 25%.
  5. Complete renovation of the roof: Your Tile Roof will become like new and will remain new for a long time.
  6. Quick system implementation: The repair / renovation is completed in a very short time.
  7. Due to its fast application, it can be applied in almost all seasons.
  8. Earthquake protection – Static: Minimal weight added to the building.
  9. Very low cost of thermal and waterproofing: You do not need to remove your defective tiled roof or roof.
  10. No special planning permission is required.
  11. Written multi-year warranty

Roofs can be thermally insulated either:

  • entirely externally or,
  • entirely internally

The first case consists mainly of construction while the second repair. In both cases there is a need for ventilation to prevent condensation.

Types of roofing

In the thermal insulation of roofs we distinguish the wooden and the sloping concrete roofs. Depending on the type of tile used (nailed / laced or muddy), the final choice of the configuration of the final receiving surface of the tiles is made. Roofs under which people usually live or work are considered warm roofs. In this case the thermal insulation is done either externally or internally on the sloping surface of the roof. In the case where there is a horizontal slab between the roof space and the living space, with limited traffic, then the roof is characterized as cold. In this case the thermal insulation is done on the horizontal plate. Thermal insulation materials intended for the thermal insulation of sloping roofs must have properties suitable for the application, such as:

  • Low coefficient of thermal conductivity, to use the smallest possible thickness of material.
  • Resistance to water vapor permeability, to reduce the risk of water vapor condensation in the contact area of ​​the concrete element and insulating material, when the latter is placed internally.
  • Ease of handling in terms of weight, dimensions, mechanical strength and the way the material is fastened.
  • Ease of cutting, shaping and adapting to the shapes of the roof elements.
  • Possibility of good assembly of the pieces of insulating material, in order to avoid the thermal bridges and the lines of condensation of water vapor in its joints.

Roofs covered with muddy tiles

For the thermal insulation of roofs made of reinforced concrete slabs, it is recommended to install thermal insulation on the upper side.

Gikas Roofing engineer who will study the thermal insulation of a roof covered with muddy (“swimming“) tiles, must take into account three factors that determine the correct construction:

  • First, it will determine if the slope of the roof and the type of tiles he has chosen can ensure the desired degree of water tightness. Otherwise, choose the location and type of sealing layer to be used, i.e coating material or sealing sheets.
  • Second, it will protect the roof from the dangers of slipping and wind suction of its coatings.
  • Third, it will address the problem of thermal stress of the tile mud on a high-performance insulating material.

Indicatively, the series of works for the thermal insulation of a roof that does not need additional sealing is described:

  • Smoothing of the reinforced concrete slab.
  • Manufacture of boxing beams of insulating material.
  • Installation and welding of insulation on the concrete slab with suitable asphalt adhesives special for extruded polystyrene slabs or polyurethane adhesive insulation.
  • Fastening a light mesh on the insulation with hairpins and anchoring it to its perimeter boxing beams.
  • Mud and laying of tiles.
  • Gutter construction.

Classic way for nailed tiles

The thermal insulation of the roof, done with a system efficient and suitable for traditional types of roofing materials, allows a significant reduction of energy losses of the building. If applied to the structure, the thermal insulation also performs an important protective function in relation to the structure itself, especially when it is made of wood. In most cases and for sloping roofs (wooden or beech), wooden beams and poles are used in a formation, so that there is ventilation with an intermediate empty part. The distance between the bars is usually 315 mm, for the use of the most common nailed tiles, for the use of the most common nailed tiles.

  • Ready for easy cutting by hand every 315mm.
  • It has a direct and accurate application in the predetermined dimensions between the rafters and the rafters.
  • Significantly reduces application time and grout, while offering greater thermal insulation protection.

Finally, the roof is tiled following the known construction methods.

Unused attics

In buildings where the attic is not used for roofing purpose, thermal insulation can be done by placing an insulating layer on the surface of the top floor. In this case, insulation will be used, which will offer an excellent continuation of the insulating layer, simple to install and unaffected by moisture and water-coagulation-melting alternations.

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6 Awesome Painting Combinations For Your Bedroom

Montclair Painting- MONTCLAIR PAINTERS

Montclair Painting- MONTCLAIR PAINTERS


6 Awesome Painting Combinations For Your Bedroom

Choosing the best painting combinations is the first thing you need to consider when redesigning your bedroom or any room on your apartment. It is important to make sure that you have found the right painting combination that will make your interior bedroom look elegant, modern and harmonious.

Montclair Painting suggest you some impressive color combinations for your bedroom. Once you choose the right colors for you, you will probably end up spending a lot more time there!


Painting a Children’s bedroom

Do you want to paint your child’s bedroom? Need to find the right colors? We can give a spark of creativity and choose the right colors that fit perfectly in your children’s room.

The best colors for a children’s bedroom

Ask the children to choose paint colors for their room, so that you can let them express their unique personality. Keep three walls in neutral tones and let them choose their favorite color for a separate wall. This makes it easy to renovate the space in the future.

The right painting product

A child’s room is the playground in the house, which means that cleaning is frequent! We choose from the high quality low odor products we use which will offer you a durable and absorbent finish.

The right finish

Choose a satin or semi-gloss finish in color in your child’s bedroom, as these are the easiest to clean.

Contact Montclair painting to make a bedroom as your child dreams!


Child’s bedroom painting and allergies

Allergies are a common condition that affects almost everyone at some point in their lives but mostly children. An allergic reaction is the result of an overreaction of the immune system to an unknown particle or substance. Dye allergies can result from inhaling strong vapors or coming into contact with the skin. Allergy sufferers can use preventative and therapeutic strategies to treat an allergic reaction to the dye.

Wall painting and allergies

Allergens are foreign substances that cause an immune reaction known as allergies in some, but not all people. Pollen, dust, mold and animal odor are typical allergens. People also develop allergies to certain foods, medicines and chemicals. If you suffer from extreme food allergies, you must be very careful about every ingredient in your meals. Allergic reactions include runny nose, cough and sneezing, urticaria, rash and itching. A severe reaction can be life-threatening because the swollen tissue blocks the victim from breathing.

Paint fumes

All colors produce fumes that create not only chemical odors in the air, but also an allergic reaction in many people. Cough, runny nose, sore throat and congestion are common reactions to dye fumes. Patients may also experience itchy and watery eyes. Oil-based household paints have many volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are known to be allergenic, but even water-based paints can cause reactions in some people. A study by the Harvard School of Public Medicine and Kalstad University in Sweden links high rates of asthma, eczema and congestion in children to the chemicals found in water-based paints.

Contact with paint

In addition to inhalation, physical contact is the most common means by which allergy sufferers are exposed to allergens. People who experience reactions to touch often develop contact dermatitis, a localized skin irritation that includes a rash or discolored skin, itching, and sometimes blisters. Swelling and burning are also typical symptoms of skin allergies. The most effective way to repel skin reactions to dye is to wear adequate clothing and gloves.

Allergy solutions

Paint manufacturers continue to develop products that can be used by allergy sufferers without fear of causing reactions and household paints that produce minimal VOCs are available for sale. If you have to work with non-hypoallergenic paints, take precautions. A mask reduces the inhalation of fumes, while the sleeves and long pants prevent skin contact. Seal the painted areas and open the windows for better ventilation. If you start to have an allergic reaction to the paint, leave the area and go where you can breathe fresh air. Rinse irritated skin or eyes with water and apply a cool compress to the swelling if necessary. Rinse with warm salt water to relieve sore throat.

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Why you should hire a professional house painter?

Gikas painting in Montclair

Gikas painting in Montclair

Having to carry out work inside your home can in some cases be a source of stress. Many people decide to do some types of home repairs themselves. It must be considered that in many cases the figure of the professional house painter will really be able to make a difference.

A professional painter of Gkikas Painting in Montclair is a definition that must be verified and ascertained in person. Many, in fact, define themselves as professionals, but this may not be true, especially in some situations and for subjects who have been recommended through simple word of mouth.

There is a myriad of artisans on the market who carry out this profession, some of which are certainly valid but others, and many are not.

Mainly the painter does not need expensive material to carry out his business, which is why many are dedicated to this job; they initially improvise a means of transport, most of the time with the word of mouth, flyers or business cards randomly placed in the mailboxes and that’s it you can start working.

How to recognize a professional house painter

The professional is another thing entirely, first of all, not being a beginner, he does not need to make himself known on the market but possibly increase his clientele, secondly on his work there is the possibility of obtaining information or from acquaintances who have already made use of his performance or on the net, if you really don’t know anyone, in the various forums.

His work will therefore be appreciated and satisfactory by you.

Usually, you turn to a painter to paint your home or office and the choice of a professional is always the most appropriate.

The professional house painter will be able to work quickly without dirtying anywhere, the choice of materials to be used will be accurate and you can rely on him for any emergency retouching in the future, you will create an excellent collaboration relationship on which you can count.

The advantages of relying on a professional painter

Therefore, some advantages can be configured in relying on a professional painter. First of all, he will be a reliable subject, capable of correctly organizing his work and respecting deliveries. He will be able to carry out his duties without committing gross errors and will not leave you in need of a breakdown after a few days, perhaps due to the fact that he has been paid little.

In addition, he will have a network of useful knowledge, for example, to get to find the best materials and also to be able to apply competitive prices when you have to choose the paints for your apartment.

He will also be able to do everything in the light of day: a professional house painter, in fact, will issue you a receipt and present you with a quote that will be able to foresee all the necessary items of expenditure, without making you arrive at the end of the job expecting some nasty surprises. .

The disadvantages of relying on a professional house painter

While these are essentially the advantages of relying on a professional painter, there are also the negative aspects of entrusting the job to a professional painter, among which the cost of his labor, which will certainly be higher than the others and the waiting times in some cases quite long.

It should be considered that the professional painter, usually a craftsman has to bear considerable costs towards the taxman to carry out his profession, which is why his rate will be higher than those who usually work outside of any tax regime. Professionalism has a cost but the results are tangible and above all, since it is an asset dear to us, the choice should be oriented in this direction.

In fact, you should not seek maximum savings at all costs, but remember how professionalism should be rewarded.

In fact, every type of professional will have gained experience to reach a higher level at work, and you should always try to contact these subjects. Another disadvantage that you may encounter in turning to a professional painter, rather than a non-professional, could be that of timing. Those who work well, in fact, will certainly have a longer waiting list and could make you wait longer to start the work.

However, the very fact that so many people decide to rely on the painter of your choice should be a positive point to think about.

How to find a professional house painter

A professional house painter may seem like an evanescent figure, difficult to identify and to contact. However, this is often not quite true.

To find your professional painter you could use word of mouth, asking someone you know, who has recently done some painting work, to give you the contact of the person who took care of his house.

Moreover, often the professional painter will also be able to get some good publicity and you could, therefore, find him on different types of channels, from newspapers to other means of communication. Finally, paint factories and DIY stores could be a good starting point to find a professional painter who is right for you.


In my opinion, the advantages that you can derive by relying on this category are therefore greater, the choice is yours in any case and to be taken with all due caution and precautions.

I also do not exclude that there may be valid people even among non-professionals, however, turning to them is a decision that is up to you alone.

Professionals, in general, are trained and very important figures for our productivity to whom it is always good to contact and who will be at your complete disposal to meet your needs, therefore take them into good consideration and carefully evaluate all aspects before making a hasty decision.

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How much does it cost the exterior painting of a building?

Gikas Painting Service in Montclair

Gikas Painting Service in Montclair

Exterior painting of a house is one of the most important jobs that, if you are in an apartment building in Montclair, also generate a lot of discussions. If you are considering starting a renovation of the facade, this article is useful for you to understand how much it costs the exterior painting of a building  per square meter.

We will see the individual items that participate in the overall price. The price of the painting, of the chosen paint, and the cost of the monthly rental of the scaffolding per square meter.

When we talk about the costs of the exterior painting of a building we must pay attention to the additional items, as we will see in the course of the article. Other issues to consider are the tax deductions to redo the facade for a nice cost-saving.

Let’s start by seeing why the exterior painting of a building costs a lot. Last note, as an example we have taken a facade of a condominium building, but the assumptions are the same even in the case of the cost of renovating the facade of a villa or villa owned. To have a clear view of the prices, you must ask a construction company  like Gikas Painting Service for a quote.

Cost of scaffolding and facade renovation

Why are we talking about scaffolding? Because it is a very important cost item when having to redo a facade. If your building is very tall or also has façades that are difficult to reach, it is essential to understand the cost of the scaffolding for the façade or its alternatives. Generally, these costs are always included in a quote for facade renovation, but knowing them helps you to compare different quotes.

The rental of a scaffolding is expressed per month based on square meters. We can consider that the rental of a scaffolding to redo the facade or other construction work for a building cost from € 7 to € 15 per square meter in the first month, and then from € 1 to € 3 per square meter for the following months. The price of the scaffolding always includes transport, assembly, and disassembly. From this, you can understand why it costs so much the first month and after the others.

Cost of renovation of the facade of a building

Returning to the cost for the renovation of a facade of a building, a house, condominium, or even a villa, the average cost is between € 60 – € 80 per square meter. In many cases, it is also advisable to redo the thermal coat of the building. In this case, the price per square meter to redo the facade with thermal insulation is between € 80 – € 100 per square meter. With the thermal coat, you can take advantage of the 75% Ecobonus deduction to redo the facade.

The prices that we have displayed to redo an external facade include scaffolding, the restoration of the external plaster, the cementitious smoothing with mesh, the coating, the painting of the external parts of the balconies and if required, the thermal coat.

When you talk to a company, ask if you need to redo the external plinth of the facade as well. The plinth is the lower part of the facade and is used both to cover inaccurate cuts in the external floor and to prevent infiltration into the facade. Over time, even the external plinth of the facade can be damaged.

Cost of painting the external facade of the building

Even the prices for painting the exterior facade of the house can vary the overall cost. The facade of your building can be painted with quartz paints, lime paints for exteriors, silicates, siloxanes, etc.

The quartz paint is one of the most economic swings from € 6 to € 10 per sq m, while the silicate and siloxane are more expensive going from € 8 to € 13 per sq m.

Other expenses to consider in a quote

In addition to the labor costs, you have to consider the costs for safety about 10%, the cost of the construction manager about 4%, the director of safety 2%, the building administrator 1% -2%.

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How to wear the oversized sweater



As the temperature drops day by day and the cold forces us to dress more and more thick, so the sweaters from DKStyle.gr will be first in our choices. Besides, it is a fashion item that can be included in both casual and elegant off-duty looks. Yes yes, sweaters may once have been basically a piece that we would wear with jeans, but now it is combined with skirts, heels, office looks and much more.

If you are wondering how to achieve a stylistic jackpot by wearing this warm top, then you need to move down. The girls abroad show us once again the right way, that is, we will dress properly every hour of the day and in every kind of style. Yes, because sweaters are a must at this time and should not be missing from your wardrobe, nor from your looks.

With a pensil skirt

Do not hesitate to wear this top even an elegant skirt. It can even be made of satin fabric, add your favorite heels and create an ultra chic ensemble. On the other hand, of course, you can combine it with a skirt with prints, sock boots or ankle boots. In both cases do not be afraid to use oversized sweaters.

A tight or even loose sweater looks perfect with sneakers and a full skirt. It is urban, but it is also elegant. In this case, even the metal skirt with pleats that you bought at the holidays and wore with your favorite heels fits. Now, the time has come to transform it into a more everyday piece, with just a sweater and a pair of sneakers.

With corduroy pants

Corduroy pants are a super must for this year and -yes- they fit perfectly with your sweater. You combine your favorite sneakers and you are stylish and comfortable. In case you are looking for something more feminine, follow Victoria Beckham and combine it with flare pants and block heel boots.

Your favorite zip panties can be worn in the heart of winter, if you add something warm on top. Wear it with a sweater and for daily appearances choose a pair of block heel boots. Alternatively and for a more elegant result, you can put point toe pumps.

With a mini skirt

You want to wear the sweater, but you also want to feel sexy. Choose one in a loose line, wear it with a mini denim skirt and complete it with slouchy over-the-knee boots. Otherwise you can keep the boots, wear your favorite skinny jeans and a minimal belt.

Ok, this is the last appearance of Victoria Beckham that you will meet in today’s issue. But she herself has such a weakness in sweaters that I could not leave her out. Both appearances prove that the sweater can be easily worn in the office. You can combine it perfectly with a plaid pants, heels and if you need a chic coat.
The most common and timeless combination is the sweater with jeans. Alexa Chung suggests wearing a shirt, throwing the sweater over the shoulders and finishing with strappy ballerinas. If you want something simpler and “easy”, then just wear it with the classic ballerinas.

If you want a more tomboy look, then wear it with a shirt inside, loafers and make a difference with a leather leggings. Otherwise, combine it with black jeans, ankle boots, a stylish beret and a scarf around the neck (Parisian style).

With high heels

You do not need any special advice for this, but I had to suggest it to you because it is super nice. So if you have a sweater, in long length, then wear it with high heel shoes and a chain bag. Last but not least! You probably bought a sequin pants now for the holidays. No then you will not put it in the closet, instead you will wear it with a sweater and heels or sandals and you are ready for the night out.

A knitted sweater is the garment that is in every wardrobe. Whether we wear it because we like its style, or because winter is the only garment that keeps us warm, it is certain that our knitted sweater was and will be the protagonist of our wardrobe in winter. Although your daily, busy schedule does not give you room for imaginative stylistic choices, your sweater is an easy solution that you know will never disappoint you. To change your style this year (without having to get 6 different sweaters), here you will see the unique ways to combine your knitwear and be elegant, comfortable and warm this season!

November work for our garden

November work for our garden

November work for our garden

November is the last month of autumn. A month with the low temperatures, that prepare us for the coming of winter. A month that is accompanied by a lot of rainfall, that can make it difficult for us to do the required work in the garden. Surely, we will find some days with good weather and sunshine to engage in our favorite hobby of gardening. This season, we put fertilizer on flowers, ornamental shrubs and houseplants for the last time before the arrival of winter.

November is the right month to enrich our garden soil, using conditioners such as manure, compost and green manure. In this way, we supply the soil with nutrients so that we can plant vegetables and ornamental plants in early spring. In November, we have one last chance to plant our favorite autumn flower bulbs that give us colorful flowers in late winter and early spring. Also, during this period, in all regions of the country, growers have begun harvesting olive trees for the production of olive oil, this valuable food product.

And of course, do not forget to prepare and procure the appropriate materials that will help us deal with frost, wind and snow next winter. We should make a flexible planning because of the unpredictable weather conditions. That way we can take care of our plants, and enjoy a beautiful garden with healthy plants and rich harvest.

Season to harvest fresh fruits and vegetables

In November, from the fruit trees of the garden, we harvest crispy apples, as well as the first juicy sweet tangerines, without Clementine seeds or Nova tangerines. We also enjoy the navel-bearing oranges of the Navelina and New Hall varieties.

This season, we enjoy aromatic grapefruits and from their skin we will make a wonderful dessert. We also cut pomegranates and the necessary lemons for our cooking. And do not forget to pick the first avocado fruits with high nutritional value. From the vegetables in our garden, we cut the last cucumbers and zucchini from the late summer planting, as well as large pumpkins. Finally, we remove from the soil in early November the sweet potatoes that we had planted in early summer.

Finally, we pick the first cabbages, cauliflower, turnips and broccoli. From leafy vegetables we have fresh lettuce, spinach, radishes, celery, endives and celery. From the underground bulbs we get beetroot and carrots, that we had planted at the end of the summer.

Improving the soil of our garden

Meaning garden work, is a good time to improve the soil of our garden. Also to prepare the soil for spring planting, by enriching it with nutrients and organic matter. Specifically, we incorporate fresh manure in large quantities. That way we gradually extinguish the winter period, until the beginning of spring and also not to create burns on our plants. The addition of compost will help even more in the enrichment of the soil with nutrients. But also in the improvement of water retention.

An excellent way to improve the soil of our garden in November, to enrich it with nitrogen but also to reduce unwanted weeds (weeds) is to make green fertilizer, ie to plant the appropriate plants that will supply the soil with valuable nutrients. .

Specifically, with the first rains, we can plant legumes such as vetch, broad beans, lithouri, lupine, peas, soybeans, alfalfa and clover as well as grains such as barley, wheat and oats. So, we will be ready to plant our spring vegetable garden there in a fertile soil that will ensure a rich production.

Last fertilizations before winter during garden work

In garden work, we do the last fertilizations with granular fertilizers on the ornamental plants of our garden. Also, on the flowers, on the evergreen ornamental shrubs and trees. We apply similar  liquid fertilizers to the indoor plants that we have inside the house.It should be noted that during the winter, we avoid putting fertilizer on the plants. Due to frost, they can not absorb nutrients.

If the addition of fertilizer causes the growth of new tender vegetation, it can be burned and damaged due to the cold of winter. Avoid applying fertilizer to deciduous fruit shrubs such as bilberry, raspberry and gooseberry. Also to deciduous fruit trees such as apple, pear, fig, fig and peach cultivation. Gradually begin to shed their leaves to enter the dormancy of winter. We avoid fertilizing climbing plants such as vines and bougainvillea and deciduous ornamental trees such as plum and ornamental mulberry.

Planting autumn flowers and bulbs

We continue in the month of November, to get from the nurseries and to plant flowers that bloom in autumn. How about chrysanthemums with their beautiful daisy-shaped flowers or their favorite azaleas with their striking flowers. Also, we can plant cyclamen with the glossy dark green leaves in the shape of a heart and flowers in shades of pink, purple, red and white. And of course the durable pansies that are kept in the winter are an excellent choice for the pots and planters of our balcony.

Also, in garden work, is the season when autumn flower bulbs are planted. And what to choose first? Start with aromatic freesias and hyacinths or prefer impressive irises, amaryllis and virgin. And of course a category alone are the adored tulips that give us their flowering at the end of winter. Autumn bulbs are planted in sunny or semi-shady places. Usually in sheltered places, as their flowers are sensitive to strong winds.

Harvesting the olives to extract olive oil

This is the month for olive harvest, a work that has started in most of the olive-growing areas of the country. The moment when the color of the olive fruit turns green-purple and gradually darkens. Early olive oil, the well-known to all fresh one, has a strong fruity aroma. Due to its high phenol content, it is characterized by strong antioxidant properties. We must point out that the delayed harvest of olives, gives us lower quality olive oil in terms of organoleptic characteristics.

At the same time, it may cause a reduction in the fruiting of olive trees for next year. When harvesting olives, we should avoid pruning and pruning olive trees in rainy weather and high humidity conditions. This should be done as wounds are created on the branches of olive trees. There is a risk of infection by various pathogens such as olive carcinoma. After the olive trees are harvested, we should spray them with organic copper. This preparation is essential for the treatment of various fungal diseases and for the maintenance of healthy olive trees.

Protect the plants for the winter

In November, it’s the right time to prepare for the coming winter. We take measures so that our plants are not destroyed. This means protecting them from the cold, frost, snow and strong winds. We procure in time using special windbreaks and antifreeze fabrics. Also, anything else we could use as material to protect our plants from low temperatures. During this period, we will need support piles to support the young trees, fruitful or not.

We should tie them so as to protect them from the strong winter winds. Finally, we supply seaweed extract from agricultural stores. This is a special biological fertilizer that helps protect plants from frost. The spraying on the foliage of the plants as the watering with algae extract helps significantly in the stimulation of the plants in the unfavorable conditions of the coming winter.

Putting all this tips together and you will manage to keep alive and healthy your garden plants for the autumn. This way you will reduce your efforts next year for beautiful flowers and plants in your home.


SEX: Do not think too much, just do it…

SEX: Do not think too much, just do it…

SEX: Do not think too much, just do it…

We do not catch up. I’m not in the mood. He is not in the mood. I do not like. I do not care. So what; I’m a mother now. We are tired. I have forgotten. I got bored. I’m not thankful. With IVF, love was lost. After so many years;

You know. Athens Escorts could write endlessly about what they hear every time someone ask a woman or a couple about their love life. And I’m not talking about couples whose relationship (emotional I mean) is now a ruin. No, not at all. I am referring to couples who are loved, who respect each other, who desire each other, who are together in both the easy and the difficult, who have endured over time or are trying to endure despite the difficulties of everyday life.

Sex or love

Sex or love (there is a difference of opinion with my girlfriends), you choose and take, is a very important health factor for the life of both women and men. Not that I think I have to find reasons to persuade you to do it but here are some first reasons that come to mind (proven):

1. It is a natural antidepressant (release of endorphins)
2. It is 10 times stronger sedative
3. It eliminates headaches
4. It acts as an antihistamine
5. It stimulates and stimulates even the last muscle of the body
6. It releases a maximum amount of estrogen that makes women healthier and more beautiful
7. The more you do it the more ουν they want you so it increases self-confidence.
8. Kissing promotes oral health
9. Those who often have quality sex (ok love…) reduce the chances of getting some kind of dermatitis.

And more. In every cell, tissue, organ of our body, sex has something to offer. Many, many.

But like most things in life, sex has its problems. With more important and more common his… ABSENCE. If it were possible to honestly answer the question “how often do you make love to your partner” in couples who have been together for more than 2-3 years, the answer would unfortunately not be very pleasant.

So if you do not have sex often to infrequently, if you do not want it as before, if it is a foreign word to you, I can assure you that you are not alone or to say it more honestly, alone. Sometimes, it seems to Golgotha ​​to solve his riddle of why and how. And what to do. And what do you do in the end?

Do you come to terms with the situation? OF COURSE NOT. Not in a healthy relationship. And a healthy relationship I do not mean the one that everything is rosy and you are the princess of the fairy tale and your companion the prince on the maroon horse (I never liked the white)… It is she (my personal opinion) that everyone does and offers as much can with respect to the relationship and his partner. So what do you do?

Are we starting?

You Create Opportunities

When did this start? When did he start working as late? (and do not let your mind go to evil). When did the first or second baby come? When the insecurity of everyday life stole everything beautiful in our lives? When this project at work started to suck all your energy and the last thing you care about is sex? Each and every one of you has at least one important “point of reference” to say the least. But if you understand how important it is for your health, both physical and mental, to do it, then you should try to Create Opportunities .

I know what you think, I know exactly what you think. How can this not be done. Not if you return late at night and leave early in the morning. Not if you breastfeed every two or three hours, you do not sleep and you are a raccoon from fatigue. Not when children can suddenly show up at your bedside overnight asking “mom what are you doing”.

And yet my friends. It is done. As long as you create opportunities . Determine the time and place where you will do it. If you really want it, both of you will succeed. Go to bed earlier, or wake up half an hour earlier in the morning. Do not forget that “eating comes appetite”. Take advantage of the weekends. Your relationship is more important than the “stuck«.

If you have children, ask a grandmother or aunt to take them for a walk or keep them for a few hours and enjoy some quality time under the sheets with your loved one. Those of you who have recently given birth, the fact that you are no longer manoles does not mean that you have ceased to be women and husbands. My tongue is hairy to say it. A woman’s sexuality should be enhanced by motherhood, not annulled.

Even if it is difficult at first, for all these reasons that you understand and that I have here and there mentioned (postpartum depression, pain during intercourse), this beautiful female inside you must soon be brought to the surface again. . What your husband chose to marry because he liked it so much. A sexually satisfied manoula has much more energy and disposition to cope with the difficult demands of everyday life. And do not tell me that 3 hours are not enough…

You rediscover the way

In the beginning everything was easy. Without thinking. Passion alone was enough. Now it seems like you need to find a way to do it. As if you need instructions for use. This is especially true for couples who have actually been around for a long time since the last time they came in contact. They can hug, kiss, caress here and there, but the intimacy required to strip not only the body but also the heart and mind seems to be hidden somewhere for good.

Like this movie with Vougiouklaki and Alexandrakis, The Bait. At one point he asks her, when she tries to hide her often exposed body with a bathrobe, “what was she ashamed of” and she answers him so innocently in relation to her past “the jasmine” that she holds in her hand. So, or so it seems to be the case with many of you. You seem to be ashamed to undress in front of your partner, for different reasons each and depending on the age, but with the common denominator the lack of intimacy.

But you have to rediscover the way. Even if you need help from a relationship psychologist. Even if you need to read 50, 100, 1000 secrets and tips from the various reputable sites and blogs that exist on the Internet on this subject.

Stop googling “Breastfeeding Secrets” or “Secrets to the Perfect Apple Pie” and start googling “Secrets to Good Sex“. I often use the phrase of Richard Carlson from the book of the same title, which I highly recommend “Do not think about it – Live”. Paraphrasing it, let me say “Do not (too) -think… .Kanto”.I firmly believe that lust is often more powerful than love itself ). And there, I find no excuse. You owe / must find the way.

You determine the motivation

Here things are rather easy. Orgasm. Physical and Mental Euphoria. Goal and motivation together. I do not need to say much here.

Orgasm (meaning female) is not just a chapter, a whole book in itself. While the men’s a simple… newsletter.

Unfortunately or fortunately for us things are much more complex than our beloved companions. There are many reasons why many women do not enjoy and abstain from sex because they do not orgasm. They do it for intimacy, for acceptance, for love, because it’s so… But as long as the goal is not caught, as long as sex does not lead to orgasm, that is, as long as the act no longer seems to have a reason… to exist, sex slowly ceases slowly to be part of the agenda. 

If this is the real reason why you no longer have sex, because you can not reach orgasm, it is time to seek the help of a specialist. And I do not mean that orgasm is always expected. But if in the end this seems to be the usual and not the exception, then do not let time pass anymore. Talk openly with your partner, and seek professional help together. Often the solution is much easier than you think.

For my part, as a breeding specialist, and in summary, I would like to say the following:

There are really many diseases (eg depression, hormonal disorders) and drugs or substances (some antidepressants, antihypertensives, antihistamines, contraceptives, alcohol) that can reduce the desire for love but also pleasure, so a basic health check is necessary.

If there is no medical issue, and it is not just a phase (eg very recent birth, change of home or work, etc.), then the help of a specialist is required so that the condition does not become temporary.

Love is the best aphrodisiac. Served with lust, it can satisfy and satisfy even the most demanding. Connoisseurs. But eating brings appetite. So the next time you feel hungry, even a little, head to the bedroom and not the fridge.

Love life is yours. Exclusively yours. If your friendly couple, who like you have an infertility problem and need treatment, have lost all desire for sex, this does not mean that it will happen to you. If your girlfriend forgot what love means because she thinks breastfeeding is a priority (understand that they do not negate each other), it does not mean that you should feel guilty because you suddenly “enjoy” more sex with your child’s father. Love life is yours.


5 reasons we love WordPress


5 reasons we love WordPress

WordPress is a content management system (cms). We love it here at MyIP.gr and believe that everyone should – at least – be aware of its existence.

Here are 5 reasons why we love WordPress so much. It’s free! Let’s face it – it’s FREE! When we say free we mean completely free and it is all open source. But what is open source? This means that the source code of the program is open to its users and changes can be made to its original design.

Everyone can contribute by creating a plugin (called Plugin) that will work with WordPress. There are thousands of plugins available in WordPress to choose from and you will definitely find one that exactly suits your needs and requirements. Each plugin performs a different process such as SEO actions, makes the website faster, adds extra features, etc. All you need to do to run your own website on WordPress in a MyIP package from a company in the industry. On our homepage you can find all the companies we have worked with and we recommend them 100%!

Optimize your SEO!

What exactly do we mean by that? How can a content management system help us with SEO? Using WordPress makes it very easy for Google to locate your website and content and thus index your page faster and better!

This is the biggest plus of WordPress that does not require extra effort for SEO optimization. If you want to go a little further, there are many SEO-based plugins available like Yoast SEO. You can use as many as you want, many or even one. These always tell you what you need to optimize so that your website has better rankings!

It is visible!

WordPress has a very wide variety of themes – templates that you can use or if you want and have the knowledge, you can make your own themes!

It is also great to have a mobile friendly page, which is especially important nowadays. Your website should respond and WordPress loosens your hands on this piece as most templates are responsive on all devices (tablets, mobiles, desktops).


There are many bad guys on the internet and you need to be protected. With the help of some plugins your site will be safe against malwares or other attacks.

We strongly recommend that you install a security plugin, at least in terms of login protection – that is, limit how many times a user can enter the wrong password. New threats are emerging every day for this and you need to be prepared.

Ease to use!

It is one of the most important benefits of WordPress. You do not need to know HTML (although it is definitely very useful and helpful) to maintain your website. If you do not have your own developer WordPress is much easier to learn and manage on your own.

You may at some point hire a developer who needs to learn your code but with WordPress not much changes – if you have done it again in the past you can easily repeat it. Building a website in WordPress is a very easy and – relatively – fast process. Even if you do not have any programming knowledge, then you can very easily create a website in WordPress!

Day by day, your knowledge of WordPress web design will increase and so you will be able to do more and more advanced things on your website!

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