6 Tiles that fit ideally outdoors!

6 Tiles that fit ideally outdoors!

Decorating the exterior of your home- hardscaping – is just as important as decorating the interior. From the floor, the garden to the furniture or objects that you will choose to place, the first impression of the visitors will be determined, since they will be the first to see. So you have to make a careful choice. If you are looking to install tiles for outdoor space, below you will find ideas to get inspired!

Tiles are a material that easily fits both on a balcony of an apartment and in the garden of a large house. At the same time, tiles can be placed on the wall, but also inside a swimming pool. Therefore, you can take advantage of the material everywhere. The options are endless to choose the tiles for outdoor space that go with the style you want to give.

6 great ideas for outdoor tiles – hardscaping!

1. Granite tiles

Granite tiles are the ones that have the highest strength. These are the ideal tiles for outdoor space. This is because they are resistant to moisture, extreme temperatures, stress and abrasion. Their lifespan is long, which means that buying them will be a life investment. You will find granite tiles either in a polished form that will make them shiny or not.

Certainly their material is not something that binds you from choosing the shade or finish of the tile that you like. You can also place granite tiles anywhere you want, i.e on the balcony, terrace, garden or patio, without any problems.

2. Stamped tiles – hardscaping

Stamped floors are one of the most popular types of flooring for outdoor use. However, did you know that there are stamped tiles? The stamped tiles are made of reinforced and reinforced concrete and then inserted into special molds, in order to stamp the selected design. They have great resistance to weather conditions and non-slip properties.

These are usually small tiles that have the appearance of a stone. You can choose the shade you want, but also combine it with others creating contrasts. We recommend that you use them to form an alley in your garden.

3. Embossed tiles – hardscaping

Outdoor tiles are not only placed on the floor, but also on the wall. So, the suitable tiles for wall cladding are the reliefs. Their characteristic is that they have a special texture, which means that they have a three-dimensional form.

More specifically, bumps are created on the wall giving it character. The choice of these tiles is sure to impress and steal the show. It is a fact that they are mostly used inside a house, but suitable durable tiles can also be placed outside.

4. Imitation stone tiles – hardscaping

One of the ideas we suggest for outdoor tiles is those that have a stone look. If you have always wanted to stone your floor, but cost was a problem, now is the time to do it!

There are many tile designs that mimic stone and “water” that are created at reasonable prices. You just choose the shade you like. It is true that the stone gives nobility and helps to give a rustic style to the space. Especially if you have a garden or yard, these tiles fit perfectly in a setting full of plants, flowers or grass.

5. Ceramic tiles – hardscaping

Ceramic tiles are the most common that one can use, since they are usually placed inside a house. However, they can easily be tiled for outdoor use, as long as they are enamelled. This means that their absorbency is zero and they become resistant to moisture.

Ceramic tiles can have a matte, glossy or semi-gloss finish and there are truly endless designs on the market to choose from. They are ideal for your balcony or terrace and fit all styles. They are also often used in tile roof insulation.

6. Tiles with wood look – hardscaping

The latest idea for outdoor tiles is the one that resembles a deck. These are tiles that have a wood look and can be used without fear in your garden, yard or even your balcony. It is a fact that they fit very well next to a pool or in case you want to create an extra level, giving height to a part of the space. Also, in the trade you will find the tiles with wood look in the shade that you like or you can choose two colors.

We hope to we helped and inspired you to choose tiles for the exterior of your home. However, if you need help laying the tiles, consult a specialist.

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